HEFI (Home Electronics Fair Istanbul)'19






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Home appliances industry, which has reached an important part of the Turkish industry, has started demonstrating abroad the success captured in the domestic market via product’s range and quality. Due to the production potential of the industry likewise proximity to the Middle East, Asia and North Africa offered by the wide market potential, Turkey which exports to 152 countries and which is reaching an important position of the world, provides important opportunities at the international level.

Turkish manufacturers of the home appliances, which have started their productions with simple assembly lines, while creating today their own design and technologies, are bringing their production activities and technologies outside. At the same time this sector has created strong brands with strict customer loyalty. The sector, which has a strong presence in the foreign markets mainly in European Union, has a significant location for export to Middle East, Africa, Far East and Asia markets.

Turkey is an important actor of the world in production of home appliances and supplier industry. In order to evaluate the production of this sector and to increase the export HEFI Home Electronics Fair will be annually organized in Istanbul.

The fair, which will take place on March 14-17, 2019 within Avrasya Kultur ve Sanat Merkezi, is supported by various associations of the country.

It is planned that for the main industry trade delegations and visitors totally from 25 countries like: Iran, Syria, Jordan, Sudan, Armenia, Qatar, UAE, Saudi Arabia, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Ukraine, Belorussia, Russia, Bulgaria, Poland, Albania, Egypt, Greece, Kazakhstan, Libya, Morocco, Romania, Uzbekistan and for supplier’s industry manufacturers especially from European Union and other countries will join the fair.

Atis Fairs and its experienced team in the past 25 years have organized on behalf of the previous company the national participation of Turkey at specialized fairs in Europe and on the grounds of this experience DOMOTECHNICA-ISTANBUL Fair has been organised in 2010 in cooperation with foreign partner.

Turkey being located at an important hub of white goods and supplier industry is a star of the industry. Sector pulse will be beating at HEFI (Home Electronics Fair) in Istanbul.